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If You'd Like to Be a Vendor at KFM:

Kirtan Fest Milwaukee offers a limited number of both indoor and outdoor booths to goods and service vendors. If you offer a product or service which complements or aligns with the intentions of KFM, we would be glad to consider you for a vending opportunity.

To apply to be a vendor, please email

Please include your business name, what goods or services you offer, and if you prefer an outdoor or indoor booth.

Is KFM a Good Fit?

Kirtan Fest Milwaukee hosts between 250 and 300 attendees each year. We primarily offer outdoor booths to service vendors such as reiki, chair massage, henna. We have indoor booths available for product sales such as jewelry, clothing, books.

KFM does not offer exclusivity to any vendor, but we do work to limit redundancy in any overlapping categories. Limited space also plays a factor in securing a booth.

We encourage and promote vendors, products, and services which themselves promote healing, positivity, consciousness, eco-friendliness, and overall wellbeing.

Up to two persons can occupy one vendor booth. Any additional persons attending KFM with intent to occupy or support an established vendor booth must purchase a festival admission ticket. Children are not permitted to accompany vendors who have not purchased a festival admission ticket. Children 12 and under are required to be accompanied by an adult at all times.


If you can not or choose not to vend at KFM, but still want to help promote the festival as well as your business, consider having your business sponsor Kirtan Fest Milwaukee.

Visit the Sponsors Page here for more information.