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Artists and Presenters

David Newman aka Durga Das

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David Newman’s greatest gift is his willingness to listen to his inner voice and open his heart to be of service to others. David guides and inspires fellow travelers on their paths, through his uplifting music and the valuable insights that he shares through his writings and teachings.
Musician, author, teacher. 

David’s strongest desire is to bring joy to others through his music, teachings and personal connections. He continues to express his passion and inspiration in creative and groundbreaking ways, and sees his life’s work simply as ‘spreading the love.’

Brenda McMorrow

Brenda McMorrow is a Canadian Devotional Chant artist who is known for her unique and warmly embracing style of mantra music, in which she blends elements of acoustic folk, world rhythms, and ancient Indian chants with a sweetly introspective singer-songwriter’s sensibility. Yoga Journal describes Brenda as having “a knack for expressing the deepest realizations in the sparsest lyrics”.  As spiritual teacher Ram Dass has said: “Brenda has a gift”, and her music has been touching people’s hearts worldwide.


An award-winning artist and producer with over 40 years of live events in the U.S. and abroad, Ragani founded Milwaukee’s renowned Kirtan with Ragani, one of the largest independent and ongoing kirtan scenes in the U.S. She appeals to audiences around the world and is known for her heartlfelt vocals, inspiring stories and her down-to-earth sense of humor. Ragani has written music for film & tv, with dozens of music placements on The Oprah Winfrey Show, among others.

Sacred Waters

All the way from South Bend, Indiana, Sacred Waters is a Kirtan Fest Milwaukee favorite. 


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Kaita is the founder of Kirtan Fest Milwaukee, licensed bodywork therapist, musician, and has a background in yoga and Ayurveda. She leads retreats to India centered around meditation, yoga, and exploration of sacred sites and has traveled there many times for study and personal development. She also founded a grass roots, city wide meditation group called Meditate Milwaukee. Kaita’s passion is bringing people together for community centered experiences that create a sense of belonging, elevation and fun. Her love for humanity and desire to make a difference continues to guide her path. 

Freddy Bliffert

Fred's background in R&B rock & roll combined with a devotional yogic meditation practice naturally led him to kirtan. He is the co-founder of The Blue Lotus Center, the 501(c)3 non-profit that hosts Kirtan Fest Milwaukee. 

Ryan Hader

Ryan Hader and the Backward Echo band have been a fixture at KFM since the beginning. They play regularly at Everyday Bliss Studio in Waukesha. Hear their music at

Harmony Pavett

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Harmony Pavett fell in love with Mantra’s 15 years ago during her 9+ year sabbatical living between Bali, Indonesia and India.  When she first heard Sacred Music, she felt a past-life connection to the frequencies and words.  She immediately began her deep-dive immersion learning Mantra and since recorded 2 solo Mantra albums, Heart of Creation and Blessings Of Your Grace and had a private recording contract with Harmonic Egg.  Now, she has two healing pieces being played globally for all Harmonic Egg’s.


Harmony incorporated the Gong, Crystal Bowls, sound instruments with Mantra to create a deeply relaxing and healing Gong Sound Bath experience.


Harmony Pavett is also the co-founder and co-owner of Harmonic Egg - Naperville.  Her vast knowledge of spiritual studies, sound, frequency, vibration and color therapy has offered her to utilize her gifts and to help facilitate healing and transformation.

Nikeya Newsome

I'm Key 500hr RYT, an intentional yet playful yogi who consistently returns to the mat for peace and tranquility. My classes are Vinyasa style, where we focus on breath control, mindfulness, and energy flow. You can expect to increase your strength, stretch muscles and limbs, and detoxify the body, all while vibing to therapeutic tunes. I hope to see you in practice!

Dr Haridass

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My passion is teaching people how to access and activate their wisdom, strength, joy and personal freedom. 

By systematically eliminating the accumulated negative patterning, I teach how to skillfully redirect thought patterns and habits so you can identify, assess, accept, confront, and elevate your life.  Discover your authentic self and make decisions that support your vision and destiny. 

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