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About Us

Kirtan Fest Milwaukee is a grassroots, community-driven festival out to create elevation, connection, and expansion in those who participate. This weekend long, retreat-style festival will leave you renewed and filled with the goodness that comes from a high vibrational community and joy-filled practices.

We hope you'll join us!


Our Story

KFM was established in 2013, created out of my love for the practice of devotional yoga and passion for community. The festival has since expanded and Ragani, who has been my primary source of inspiration throughout the entire endeavor, both musically and personally, became a full partner in creating these events in 2022. Our working philosophy is  "if it isn't fun, we're just not going to do it", which is why we didn't have a website last year and also why we do have one now. So naturally, this pairing is ideal in many ways and I am so grateful for the partnership, the fun, and especially the growth that's been available out of creating this festival that we get to share with all of you.


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