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Dear Kirtan Fest Milwaukee friends!

Greetings, we are inviting all cheerful chanting people who would like to volunteer at this year’s festival to fill out the application form.  This grassroots festival depends very much upon our community participation on many levels, and we want to warmly invite you to join the behind-the-scene ranks if you are inspired!  

Below is a list of some activities where we need the help of the community. Take a peek! Select which ones inspire you and submit the form. We will get back to you after review.


If you are interested in a work exchange, we ask for a commitment of 8 hours minimum during the weekend and a financial commitment of $50 which includes all your meals for the weekend. If you are already registered and would like to participate in supporting the event through Seva, we enthusiastically welcome your help! Either way, please fill out the form so we can coordinate.

** For meal take downs, you may miss 20 min of next event performance after the meal
* For meal set up, you may miss 20 min of last event performance before the meal

…by Joyce Lynn, who has consistently been one of the most amazing volunteers KFM has ever had. She shared a few heartfelt words of inspiration and encouragement, and we wanted to share them with you:

“Offering seva, or selfless service, is one of the most powerful spiritual practices. There is an energy that starts to take hold deep within, that shifts the focus from “me” to “we”. No longer am I doing something to “help out”, but my offering is contributing to the collective experience of everyone in attendance. For me, it’s a feeling of being a part of something greater than myself and there is simply no better feeling in the world!"


We invite you to take advantage of the countless opportunities available during this amazing festival and experience for yourself the grace that comes with selfless service. 

All love,
Kaita & Ragani

Volunteer with Us
What are you most intersted in?
If you chose Meal Service, which of these would you prefer?

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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